English-speaking Clinic in Nishiwaseda,Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo Fukui Dental Clinic Fukui Dental Clinic

Address 2-20-1,Nishiwaseda,Shinjyuku-ku Tokyo
169-0051 Japan

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Our dental office is descended from my grandfather, which means that our clinic has been practiced more than 85 years. Because both my grandfather and my father are dentist, I naturally started to aim at a dentist. They never tried to extract tooth out against the patient’s will because they always wanted the patient to eat delicious meals with their own teeth, so that leaving the one’s teeth is always important matter for them. I succeeded their motto that the patient should bite meals by the one’s own teeth throughout life. I’m pursuing not to extract nor drill tooth here in Nichiwada.
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Access: The Clinic is only a 2 minute walk from Nishiwaseda Station on the Fukutoshin Line.
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