English-speaking Clinic in Sendai,Aoba-ku,Miyagi Kaketa dental clinic

Address 1-2-16,Sendai Honcho,Aoba-ku,Miyagi

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Dr. Kaketa
A reliable and solid technique performed by an implant specialist. We have treated a large number of patients and are able to respond to a variety of oral issues. We are also actively engaged in implant technologies and materials that are evolving daily. Our goal is to provide the treatment that enables patients to enjoy meals and travels with their family and friends, as well as their prosperous life with peace of mind and full of smiles. We strive to provide the best daily treatment and make efforts day and night to stay current with the research.
Business Hours for English-speaking
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English Level Services Insurance
Access: The clinic is only a 5 minute walk from the Sendai Station.
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