English-speaking Clinic in Minaminikenyacho,Tokushima-city,Tokushima Kagawa Dental Clinic Kagawa Dental Clinic

Address 1-2-12,Minaminikenyacho,Tokushima-city,Tokushima
770-8051 Japan

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If you are considering dental implant restoration in Tokushima, please feel free to contact Kagawa Dental Clinic with any questions you may have. Have you been experiencing difficulty in chewing and cannot enjoy the food you love? You feel that the food is not as tasty as it used to be? Or you cannot smile in front of people because of a missing tooth/teeth? Dental implant is the most suitable treatment procedure for people who are experiencing such situations. Our clinic and successful dental implant results will provide you with what’s necessary for you to enjoy life to its fullest.
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Access: The clinic is only a 3 minute walk from the Nikenya Station on the JR Line.
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